A little about the author

Jessica Farbus 

An avid reader and film buff, currently residing in Somerset with my lovely husband Ben, after studying Drama and a PGCE in English at the University of Exeter. I have since been teaching English to 11-16 year olds for the last eight years and thoroughly enjoy the wisdom and comedy that working with teenagers can bring. I am an eldest daughter, big sister and very proud auntie to two nieces and a nephew.

I first started writing when I was very young – I had an obsession with The Famous Five and wrote my own version in a spiral bound notebook, complete with illustrations. It was full of words and phrases like ‘chortled’ and ‘jolly good’ and ‘old chap’. It took me a little while to find my own voice. I kept diaries all the way through my teenage years, and for a short while published a blog on living with pain in my leg. But I found these all too personal and realised I much preferred creating my own characters I could get to know and learn about.

I am currently working on a YA fantasy novel about the difficulties of familial relationships, expectations whilst grieving. Obviously it includes dragons and secret societies. But more on that (hopefully) later.